15 marzo 2010

The Lost Girls: Lisbon Sisters vs The Appleyard College Girls

Miranda (Picnic ad Hanging Rock_ Peter Weir 1975)

Lux (The Virgin Suicides_ Sofia Coppola 1999)

" The Virgin Suicides is in many ways a modern updating of Picnic at Hanging Rock, Peter Weir’s 1975 classic about girls from a repressive Victorian schoolgirl who disappear during a picnic in the Australian wild. While that film took full advantage of the disappearances’ unexplainable nature, Coppola’s film is too fickle and heavy-handed to draw sustained strength from the girls’ suicides. The instants where everything comes together, however, are precious emotive land mines worth experiencing".
(film review)



Those two movies share the same dreamy atmosphere, as long as a similar sense of pastel colour brightness.

Lisbon Sisters

The Appleyard College Girls

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